I Cannot Advocate For My Own Dreams Anymore Because The Words I Think Have Been Turned Into Hypnotic Powerwords And Snarl Words.


when energy takes on higher forms, or when the mind is receptive to higher forms, secondary qualities of that energy and form, supercede their primary, base characteristics and exhibit numinous qualities

these numinous qualities contain great and subtle secrets, which upon cursory examination seem to be of little importance, but upon a closer look we can see them take on great value

Aldous Huxley was discussing this in relation to fabric in cloth, that his mind kept being drawn to while on mescaline

understanding the folds in fabric actually gives tremendous insight into some complex areas of mathematics

such as algebraic topography

hat is beauty in it's highest and absolute form

 was weird reading The Doors of Perception, because his observation were exactly my own i have been quite literally in the same train of thought, both under the influence of mescaline analogues and from the perspective of an artist.

if i were to organize an Art Theory class i would have Doors of Perception as required reading

the forms however are under assault...the lower forms are winning.

THAT is my despair.

hat seperation and divsion have occured because of the descent of forms intot heir shadows instead of their perfection

beauty is being eliminated
by a thousand paper cuts and the misnaming of terms

 i can't even advocate what i truly believe without running across snarl words that create hypnotic and automatic reactions in people

because If I use "socialism" for instance it creates an instinctive response

but that word needs to be penetrated, looked at deeper

who does that...they blindly follow the herd

 hypnotic power words.

used to corrupt..the misuse of the word "freedom" by certain SOPHIST in office

*cough* ron paul *cough*

 i can't even advocate for my own dreams because i'm expected to follow the herd rather than dream



i truly believe we are all one..but i am dismissed because people will not dig deeper. not penetrate beyond the surface...

how can I say what I desire when the meaning of what I say to you has a different one to me? how can I Even COMMUNICATE with you if there is no agreement on the meaning of terms?
ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
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Jan 15, 2013