A Giant Dream

I am thinking about a dream I had before I awakened to here yet another day. My vision was exposed to some great light in the sky. As my attention was drawn towards that light like the morning sun rising, I beheld these giant creatures walking up over a large hill that I happened to be at the bottom of. The giants looked humanoid and were very friendly in there approach. I only noticed them after someone had yelled 'look at those giant people!!!'.

The day seemed to be going by very quickly. I didnt know the exact reason why they were walking in my direction or area. And where they came from was a giant mystery to me. I never recalled anything else about this dream because I just sat up...?!

-who could these beings have been or what was their purpose for pulling me to that particular dimension and what did they want me to see?

-what could it have possibly been that they were wanting to communicate about or do with the knowledge they possessed?!

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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I am new to EP and dont really know anyone one here. I just thought it would only be fitting to begin my journey in here with a story or dream of my own.

Thanks to EP for the mental and spiritual support of so many of us who need this site for guidance or clarity!