If You Could See What I See, Then Would You Know What I Know?

I have always been keen on learning everything; whether it be math, a random fact, or another language (7 currently). I have never struggled with learning, until the past few years. In order to understand this though you have to know something about me.

To start things off, I am the perfect candidate for Anarchy and Underground crime syndicates, due to my knowledge on weapons, tactics, and Jerry-Rigging things out of nothing for whatever cause I deem worthy. I personally disagree with Anarchist ways however; thus I am already put in a pointless situation. Then we move on to my knowledge of the world. At my young age I have seen most of the world, whether legally or illegally, it doesn't matter; because I have seen so much and yet know so little about it.

Moving on; I have been witness to murders, shootings, and have killed many people myself. Though I am not proud of it, all were dealt in defense of others or myself. Such as in New York, there was a woman who was being dragged into an alley by Three men, who proceeded to tearing off her clothes. Her screams went unheard. I however rushed blindly to her aide; using what combat skills I have learned in my life I killed the first assailant, because his nose was forced into his brain. The others then attacked me, and I worked them to the point of submission, acquiring minor cuts and several large bruises. I still hold remorse for the death of that man, for I only meant to break his nose, but angles mean a lot when dealing with combat and the face. The woman thanked me after the police showed up and I ended up in court. I did what was necessary was my defense, and the judge agreed with me and sent me on my way with his best regards.

Many other things have happened in my short life; to the point of where I believe that I have lived too much in my short 21 years of life. My mind will wander from one thing to another, ex. A train - rides on rails - railgun - guns in a militia - Northern militia men in Sudan - Sudan has rebels at war - Rebels in star wars - Luke's Father - Darth Vader - Darth Sidious - Sith - Evil - Light and Dark - Dark Caves - Bear Grylls in a Dark Cave - He drinks his own Urine (Ick) - Other Gross things - Rotten - Zombies - Zombie Land - They should have gotten on a train - Has literally "Tons" of Force behind them - F = ma - E = mc squared.

That was all in a few seconds of thought. I know it sounds like I have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder; surprisingly no. I saw a counselor in an attempt to find out, and he said, "You have seen so much trauma, that your brain wants to understand all of it. This is why you grasp onto everything you hear, read, see, your brain works at almost 20x that of the average human being. You scored an average 163 consistently on IQ test that you have taken. You have the talent to go far, but you must apply yourself. You scored low in High School on purpose, this will hurt your chances for getting into prestigious schools, but you can still succeed if you wish." I have since increased my score on IQ tests Nation wide.

I suppose that all this ranting has given you a glimpse into my life; so now I ask you this simple question.

If you could see what I see, then would you know what I know?

I don't really know what kind of answers to expect but I am excited to see what you guys say.

By the way I am trying to get into Harvard with my scores so wish me luck, because I am going for Two PHD's at the same time.
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Coming back to your question - if i could see what you see, literally i would know what you know....

Knowledge and memory are images in our head where we learn whole life how to put them in order to be relevant and sensible. When we cannot understand with each other, with other individual,thats because the other oerson doesnt know what you mean, or just pretend subconcoussly that- because the one has different collection of images/expierances. Yiu have been travelling a lot, thats why your collection is wide and you have been doing it since you are young. When you are stuck in one place for to long your imagination is poor and your ability to learn is weak, because your head is full of the same images all.the time.

I have started migration when i was pretty young and i cannot stand the fact how many mind-blowing things i have expieranced and people do not believe. So ive stopped talking...

Hmm that's a very tricky question but if I could see what you see, I doubt I would know what you know, because I never I mean never pay attention to details unless its an interest of mine. Even the things I'm interested in I still don't know everything about it. Good luck on going to harvard but I have a question..does your intelligence derive from reading and wanting to know what isn't available to the masses or ?

A little of both. I love knowledge that is currently in use, ancient knowledge, but the thought of discovery is a massive drive of mine. If I discovered a way to travel space in a matter of months instead of years, I would derive pleasure from the knowledge not the fame. Hope that helps lol


I'm inspired as hell because of your story. It sounds like you didnt want to write everything, cause it would be large and it would be dangerous that community would not believe you.. am i right? I sense that you have seen much.
I joined today this website to find somebody like you. Space traveling? Nice! Im focused on the same topics, but i think oersonally, that moving objects would be an easier step or you already learned it? Are you intrested in quantum physics, law of attraction, the power of mind over the matter?
School was invented to control the way of thinking of masses...mind control...you have to learn new things by yourself, cause you want to invent sth new - you will not achieve it by letting somebody telling you what you have to know. Harvard can only support you, but its dangerous for the potential. Why do you need school?

...give me a sign...

Although I do agree with you, you still need that small piece of paper that says you can do this and that. In fact it really bothers me that you must have something so pointless to show worth to others. I will go only for that paper, and the possibility that others like me will be there as well.

I will still strive to learn all that I can, and to explore more of the world. I have studied quite far into Quantum Physics, and believe in mind over matter; my current thesis is based upon the powers of the mind as well as many other things.