Dreamers &Amp; Thinkers Arise!

Why do we punish ourselves for dreaming? Through dreams we can think about a possible future! If not for dreams I'd bet we'd still be in caves. Not to mention how miserable we can be without dreams! Why do you think we are so hard on ourselves for daydreaming? Right! Back to work & all that! How silly! Don't get me wrong! We don't want to lose our jobs right? However... always keep that part of you that dreams! Arise and make your dreams come true! If you're dead isn't it game over? We're not sure there's a reset button on life! So get your butts up off the freakin couch & do something about it! Oh... I was thinking out loud! Dreams are more than idle thoughts !
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The ingredients for success are dreams mixed with unstoppable will.

mmm.......if not for dreams id bet we would be still be in caves........methinks the vast majority are still in caves.......the cave being society and the way it thinks..........

Absolutely love this!Without dreams,what would we have to look forward to!It's the ultimate motivator!

I well try and make my dreams happen .

Really nice comments people!

Dreams are the food of creativity. Only those who attempt the ridiculous can achieve the impossible.

Nobody ever inspired others by saying "I have a spreadsheet"

So agree with you here, sometimes people think dreamers are lazy people, it's dreamers and those that have visions that truly stand up and make a difference. It would be a dull place if dreams did not exist, I find myself daydreaming often, sometimes people do try to make me feel guilty but it does not work, I keep dreaming. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts

We are of like minds! You Rock!

Bushing, thanks, think you Rock also, keep on with your posts, always great to read

What are other points of interest ?

Let's see, think if poeple took time to focus on others instead of just looking at their own situation, they would appreciate more on what they have. I work with coffee growers, directly, they are so happy but they have so little, so much we can learn from that. Also, a die hard romantic, am always dreaming, sometimes work related, coming up with new ideas and thoughts, other times, can be a bit more naughty but in a fun way. Look forward to getting to know you more on this journey and keep on dreaming

I'm with you there too! :-)

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