An Inflated Dream Or Ego?

He was so open with me, so sincere.  Truly, that's why I fell in love with him. 

We got to know eachother in ways that, I thought, most people aren't afforded the blessing to.

Our relationship grew thru nightly telephone conversations, letters, and weekly visits.

I had never visited a jail before meeting him.  He promised I would never have to again.

I loved him so much.  I thought he was sent by G-d just for me.  He understood me.  He knew my whole experience.  I didn't have to hid anything from him and the best part about it...I know in my heart the feelings were mutual.

We made so many goals and dreams together.  When he got out we were going to be unstoppable. 

I believed we would take both of our sad stories and use them to motivate have them learn from our mistakes. 

Boy were we dreaming!

It's funny how dreams change into nightmares.  One moment your standing in the middle of a party laughing the next youre naked, in traffic, with cars speeding past you.

He got out and went back to the streets.  It's like I never knew him.

I am afraid to dream again.

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1 Response Aug 26, 2008

Its sad that even when we really love someone we can't save the mfrom themselves.