Dreaming is always good. Like its even better than breathing and eating. :) . It allows your mind to think and go in the direction where your heart is and you are able to visualize the things that truly makes you happy. But yeah.. better than dreaming is living your dream. Like one should start living the dream as best as one can every moment of one's life and that will allow the dream to manifest very quickly in front of you. We need to live the dream consciously ever moment of our lives and also believe in magic. There is good magic and some amazing goodness all around us. Just look around and you will find so much of it. :) . So yeah.. keep dreaming and be happy. :)
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1 Response May 13, 2013

we can dream but I don't think all our dream will come true in life :) :)

It truly will come true in life if you pursue them. If we just sit on our sofa and just think about it, it is only wishful thinking and will only lead us to a particular point. Its like looking at a menu and wishing to eat something. You will only get it if you make some nice initiative and order it and when it comes, eat it with love and gratitude. :) Dreams do come true. You just need to make them come true. :)

awesome :) I agree with you :)