it's amazing how one anonymous person on an app like this, can keep me sane. so many kind hearted people on this Earth, but sad to know that someone I don't know, understands me better than those I'm around daily.
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I know exactly what you mean, not a single like-minded person around me, but online i've met people that have completely changed my world views.

It's hard to trust people you know you'll face everyday... It's hard to find those people who would understand. I haven't done much on this site but it does seem pretty awesome. It's so much easier to find the understanding when they're looking too.

Agreed. Really enjoy this site and the people here.


People knowing who they are is the key to everything

reasons i love this site
nothing feels better than support from good kind-hearted people

It is often easier to talk honestly with people who are not invested in you. You have no fear of hurting them.

I agree with sillymo88. Humans are funny creatures. Deep down we really do care, yet we act like we don't.

Things tend to be like that. People we know judge us way too much.