I am a middle aged woman... wow that was hard to type... lol I am married... I have kids... a full time job... just an ordinary life...my life is good... but things could be better. I love to dream of how things could be... a lot of what ifs... I think about choices I've made, things i could do differently... things I can teach my kids so they can hopefully avoid mistakes I've made... I have dreams of what I still want to do with my life... I would love to travel... but as things are that will never happen... All I have is my dreams & thoughts... I can't open up to my friends or family... My husband doesn't even know I'm on this site... my family would think I was horrible... so I keep to myself... it's just easier that way... I'm still holding out hope that one day my dreams will come true... just like the princess stories I read to my girls.... a girl can dream right??
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6 Responses Feb 10, 2014

You go girl. You sound fantastic.

Of course she can.and i m sure you can share your experiences with us and tell us what all is in your heart.

folks can dream.. and they should. for a lot of us,, it's the only way we've made it through some pretty rough days. as to the little guilt trip.. i seriously doubt if many of us tell anyone, except those we visit with here, that we're on a site like this. we all need our little private places, and this is just one

A person without a dream has ne life.

Why can`t you travel, there is so much beauty all around our country. JUST DO IT !!!.

We all dream and think about the "WHAT IF ".