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I love dreams because they're such incredible experiences. They can teach you about things in your subconscious or just be plain wierd. They're the ultimate escapism.


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xD I think I read about your flying tacos somewhere! Weird dreams are weird dreams...we have welcome them in. Flying tacos are beautiful in their own weird way :)

Mmm...I like how you put it. "Pure imagination." I do tend to have interesting dreams. Not always pleasant, but still interesting. A lot of my dreams are dream/nightmare hybrids.

That dream about magic pills sounds completely wonderful. I wish I had a vivid memory of a dream like that :) your description of the setting was really good. I want to meet "The Magic Man" too :P

Hmm...I've had so many dreams (that I remember) that I can't pinpoint just one. I like a lot of them for different reasons. I just realised that most of the dreams that come to mind right now aren't particularly pleasant...<br />
I still find those ones intersting to have because they're like adventures.<br />
<br />
Here's a nice one:<br />
<br />
I'm back at primary school. It's an idealised version with vivid, glowing colours and it's summertime. A man called "the Magic Man" comes to visit my class and at the end of his talk, he hands each of us a packet of "magic" pills. They come in little transparent boxes similar to the type tic-tacs come in and even look similar to tic-tacs except for the greater variety in colours.<br />
<br />
When it's playtime, we're all allowed out in the field because it's so lovely and sunny. Everyone tries out these magic pills or sweets and it turns out that different colours give you different powers temporarily, such as the ability to jump really high, run extremely fast, become invisible or fly. It was quite funny seeing a huge field full of kids jumping out like fleas or buzzing about and flying. <br />
<br />
I tried flying with my best friend at the time and it was an amazing experience. We were chasing birds.<br />
<br />
disclaimer: I'm not trying to promote the use of drugs amongst young childrem :/

I never thought of it that way! How true!<br />
<br />
Whats the best dream you've ever had?

Goes to show I don't need drugs to have trips. My dreams are good enough ;) I really was disappointed though. How cool would it have been to have seen a real alien space ship and be able to say that everyone else is wrong - they are really more than black blobs and lights in the sky. I was still annoyed with my family for not looking when I woke up.

Haahaha now your dream has me laughing again, I think it's hilarious. Sounds like a dream about being on drugs or something. It reminds me of a movie called Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. But yeah, it's surprising how strange dreams can be some time. I mean where does it come from?

That was quite a wierd one. I remember that before I saw the actual ship, I saw incredible kaleidoscope colours in the sky and kept trying to tell everyone that it was aliens, but they refused to even look. I still can't figure out how my mind came up with such a thing.

Except that they don't feel vivid enough and because you often forget them a few seconds after you've woken up. But I'm ever so grateful that you didn't forget about the giant zombie-headed alien spacecraft or else I would have never heard about it :P