Chasing Windmills

Yes, I too, am a dreamer and idealist as well as somewhat of a romanticist.  In my life though, these virtues have cost me dearly.  We are a breed becoming rare in a world of materialistic values.  I wonder about others who may have experienced similar thoughts.

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5 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Sometimes I escape so far away into my own fantasy world that it saddens me to come back again! I guess sometimes we need a break from reality to take stock and have a rest.

I am that way too. I sometimes escape to my own world of thoughts and dreams.

I too am a kindred spirit of such thought. It brings me great joy to find such a site on the internet. I can now connect with other like-minded people, albeit on a blog site lol. The internet has many great uses. I'm glad Ive found this one.

Those of us who may find kindred spirits here know too well<br />
the feeling og the "agony and ecstasy". fr8train put it in better words.

And I think the materialism is gonna have to come to a halt. I long for the old hippy days sometimes, don't you? I'd make a great hippy....

there is always people that think like you