Daylight Dreams

I don't know whether my dreams make me think or it's my thinking that makes me dream.  

Whichever way it may be, I feel like I can do my little bit to make this world a better place. At least the world in my direct vicinity. After looking at all the suffering, I want to be a leader and change the world. It makes me think a lot. And gives me a better understanding of why things are the way they appear. I have seen people, begging for food, because their crops failed. And merchants selling quality food just a few yards away, at an exorbitant price of course. These are the times when you feel like throwing all those books on economics down the drain. I am not a socialist or anything similar to that..... but it's just that we need to realize that beyond a particular threshold money can no longer value human life, the way it does every single moment of our lives. I know it is not possible to change the way this world functions. But I do feel it can be altered to accommodate better principles.

I just want humans to be more humane.


jaykain jaykain
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2009

World is such because we are such. we should change our dreams first. here is the door for different thinking about us... <br /><br />
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Peace, love and light,<br />