I am a young man who just wants people to be happy, safe and secure. When i was 12, I dreamed of building a seperate society, because i was, prior to me turning 10, a feral child, surrounded by filth, disgusting vices and the insane cycle of death and violence associated with the undworld and corruption of society. I was taken into foster care, and I developed an intense hatred and disgust for corruption, vice and misuse of power, especially in those supposed to protect others. I never "grew out" of this feeling, and it developed into a primary drive, a focus for my sole being. I replace the pain and loss with determination, and relished each time i sweat or bled, because it was one step closer to being happy. But i wanted to do more with my life that i never got the chance to have as a child. I vowed to embody virtue. I wanted to confront the evils of the world head on, and brun the weeds out from the darkness, and clear a path for people like me to follow. Heh. As much as it was just youthful idealism, it stuck to today. I am now 19. I am the self-proclaimed leader of.... well, myself. You see, on the day I turned twelve, i realized alot about the world. I have aspergers. It may be just a tag to some, but to me, it was a tool. Mabey im just tagging things, but I didn't think the same way as normal kids, due to my upbringing, my background, my mental functions and the things i knew. At that age, i knew enough to begin studying and forming a system of my own to follow, damning the way society run, the one that had me live in a slum, eating garbage out a damn trashcan, and playing with gasoiline drenched soccerballs in a dirt field with syringes and broken glass strewn about. No, if i was going to do anything, it would be my own will, and the will of my loved ones and the people i cared for, that would guide me. From the age of 12, i created everything i would need to live with people i could come to understand, trust and unite, in a micronation of my own. I created an entire philosophy around the things i was learning, from elders in many fields, such as ex-mercenaries, veterans, old farmers, spiritualists of all different faiths, engineers, politicians, my studies into history, politics, economics, military arts, engineering, physics, science, spirituality and much more. I refused to leave anything unnoticed. I belived that if i could tie all relevant things together, then i could be informed eneough to create a place where people could live hapily, and not have to worry about the vices and corruption that this society was spewing. Of course, there would always be bad eggs, and times of turmoil, but praising greed as the saviour of the world, or any vice, is a foolish, detrimental and hardly beneficial thing to belive in. I created a philospohy that , by the time i was 17,. had evolved into the guidelines for a new society. It had a unique culture, with its own style of names, foods, clothing, philosophy, architecture, mannerisms, flags, songs and such, its own technological innovations that i created that dwarfed some of the best technology out there, such as regenerative electricity, on-demand fuel cells so that vehicles never had to use gas ever or even refuel, gravity generators that ran of of the earth's rotation, all sorts of miraculous technologies and ideas i created, from military, to medical and beyond, and there was also the political ideology of Antylanism, built to be flexible, but allow for major freedoms as well as great security and benefits to people, allowing for independent though, free thinking and even freedom of association, with a focus on eliminating corruption, vice and evils, while maintaining freedom of choice and consequence. I created an economic system to go with it to support people, replacing both capitalism and communism style economics with a different idea, networked locality unification, an idea of the state owned, private runed, collective worker pay control scheme, which is too simple sounding for it's actual function, but everything can be explained.
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What im saying, or perhaps asking is, is that mabey someone can understand what im saying? Mabey talk with me about it, or share ideas or ask about it? Mabey someone wnats to help me? It does not matter where in the world you are. Antylans are within all territory of the world, and unbound by state or nationality.

I Just.... All of my friends and family have gone by the wayside. Those that once shared ideas and were ready to go to the end with our goals have left, they became burdened by uselessness, drama, paying thier bills, petty aspirations or differences of opinion, or even moving to new areas and a lack of communication. Whatever it is, I have noone to plan with, noone to go forward with. Everyone who dared to try and say they are with me, has eneded up not even talking to me unless i prompted them, and they are usually apathetic, or don't actually try.

I know this is what i am, what i will do. I am interested, and very much hoping, that someone here might be able to aspire to be something different than what is put out for them. I was a feral child. I was gutter trash, and I dared to dream. I was raped, and beaten, and stabed, sliced, brunt, hurt both mentally and physically, i have witnessed countless deaths both dear and not so dear, i have starved, and gone homeless, i have been disowned by my blood family and my freinds and family don't understand me, and just yesterday, my foster brother tried to hang himself because of stupid drama.

I wonder, in this anti-logical world, are there people like me? Are there people who can follow my example, help me to achieve more, or to find what i can or want to achieve through discussion? Do people wnat to become my friend? Is my soulmate doing the smae thing, thinking the same way? And do people that struggle with thier inner and outer demons want to become a part of this something greater? Please, if anoyne is interested, talk to me!

I'd be oh so glad, if you did.


An Explanation of the Ideas i have of Antylanism: The Government:

The Antylan Imperium is the voice and leadership of the Antylanist Society. It has 2 main forms of leadership: The Locality, and the Imperial.

For each of these, the people we protect are the number one consideration.

The Locality is based on Areas, places that are based on geography, encompassing networks of settlements and facilities.

The Imperial government is the unified entity of all the people and localities of the Antylan Society, regardless of location or difference. It resides in all territory, there is no colonialism, or difference between one antylan locality or the other.

There is only Capital, Settlement, Area, Locality, Imperium. Every new territory is a homeland, every new person accepted, every unknown studied in the hopes of being understood and accepted.

The locality has two main forms of government itself, the Locality Council of Representatives, and the Acknowledged Locality Rulership.

The Elective Locality Representatives Councils:

From the humble Farmer, to the skilled craftsman, and the intelligent teacher, the trades of the people are many and varied, as it should be. The most experienced deserve thier voices heard and recognized, as we cannot advance without the experience we gain from masters and elders of thier trades. A person who is learned in politics may never be able to fully comprehend the life of a miner, but a miner in another area may never be able to understand fully the life of another miner in a different area. Thus, the localities, in thier wisdom of thier enviorments, must each have a voice of elders, grandmasters of the communities, who the normal people, children and folks look to for advice, guidance and knowledge, as well as security.

Grandmasters of trades in the locality, Overseers of different Imperial-Locality services in the locality, such as Defenders, Healthcare, Education, Transportation ETC, and any Imperial Administrative, Governmental or Military representatives for the locality will have a voice and representative on the elective council. All of these parties elect a representative for thier areas, and they all elect an area representative to represent thier unified area as a semi-autonomous entity.

The elective councils are grouped geographicly, which is not changed. as a treebranch goes, so too does the locality. Localities as areas, are grouped into larger and larger areas, trading information, services, goods, people, culture and aid amongst themselves with the guidance and monitoring of the Imperial body. The Imperium sets overall goals, laws and policies, controls important processes such as trade, diplomacy, military, intelligence, security, healthcare, government, monumental architecture, gigantic infrastructure,research, education, forigen policy and any procedures too important to be trusted to localities alone.

The localities are allowed full freedom of operation of thier assigned areas, on the terms that they are compliant with Imperial Rule at all times, abide by the Imperial Laws, and that they never conduct internal agressive action, such as civil war, sceeding from the Imperium, embargoes internally, raising private armed forces, or any such behavior. They may operate as they wish otherwise, and may recive or send goods, services and information anywhere within the Imperium. They may practice thier customs, faith and religions freely, and live as they wish, and the Antylan Imperium supports the Locality, it's people and it's area, and lives alongside it as equals, and the Antylan Imperium attempts localized procedures to improve the territory as the Locality and Imperium needs, and both parties form a relationship as two parts to a greater whole.

Localities have a few different groupings, getting larger as more localities are grouped.
The settlement is the smallest locality, and can be anywhere from a small villiage to a metropolis. These settlements can even encompass entire areas, or sometimes more than one area, and they are considered to be a locality at it's smallest.
Areas are the smallest operational zones. They are where the Settlements recive thier voice. Most decisions are made at Area level, and take the Settlement data at consideration. The Grand Council of Locality Representatives begins here, with Settlement representatives each sending thier overall Representatives to the Area Council, and thus begins the united cooperative branch of the majority of Antylans. The information collected in areas is actually the most important, as details are compiled to make for important desicions and reports.
There are also sea and lake Areas, under direct control of the Imperium. Only a small few countries are considered just areas, such as Bhutan, or Micronesia.
The provinces are quite simply, groups of Areas in places of geographical importance. Not often very large, they are bite-sized zones of land which coordinate Areas into a larger, unified confederacy. An example is the Timmins Province in The Territory of Ontario, in the Region of Eastern Canada, in the State of Canada. They coordinate the trade of everything amongst thier Areas, and awnser to the Territory council. Some small countries are provinces, such as Uruguay
The Territory is a relativley larger area of operation, often comparable to a province in Canada. The territory brings Provinces together, to organize the surrounding localities into bigger, more connected groups. They awnser to Regional Council. Some moderate countries are, in themselves, territories, such as Switzerland.
A step away from the State Council, the Region is a very large portion of land, often a large section of an existing country, and is imperative to bringing the needs of the people to the attention of the Territories and other Regions in a State. The region is comparable to Eastern Canada in the State of Canada, or in the case of some small but dense countries, like Korea, North or South Korea, in the State of Korea.
The State is the grouping of several Regions into a unified entity, like a country. This means sometimes intergrating small countries such as Nicaraugua and surrounding countries, into a State of Central American Mainland States, or similar, but this is not concrete. An example may be the United States of America, or Canada, as a State. States exist to give voice to larger groups of localities.
A Continent is a huge group of localities, a step away from a Planetary Locality, and it is at this level that huge amounts of information and decisions are gleaned from. Not many desicions are actually MADE here, but the information that passes through here, and reaches people, is the foundation for desicions that are made across the localities, and in the Imperial Government.

There are also space-based locality plans, but those are pure speculation for now.

The qualifications for the appointment of a representative of a facet of life, trade and industry in a locality has variations from area to area in the Antylan Imperium, but a few points remain a matter of Imperial law, and will not be changed:
- They must be a member of that locality, at whichever level is apropriate.
- They must have been elected by thier peers in the facet of representation they are a spokesperson for.
- They must have recently, as in 20 years, have been working as thier representated facet.
- They must be an Antylan Citizen.

Other factors may differ or change, or be added on, but these are the basics.
Basicly, a person who has served in thier field skillfully, and has proved themselves to thier locality's peers, may run for the position and whoever is elected will be the spokesperson, but it's only for thier locality. The spokespersons don't have much say beyond thier fields for good reason, because they are of thier field only. A representative of a larger grouping than an area is only an administrator, and is elected from administrators for the task of representing the locality.

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