One week ago I was in New York, that marvelous city that is.
I was there with my group of friends and my two young and beloved group leaders on a school vacancy to study English, and woah life was so good.
I kind of remember us walking down Soho and dreaming about living there, or eating as much as we could in Chinatown, admiring the view from Top Of The Rock during the night, and doing the same in the morning from Empire State Building.
It's been beautiful, and I will never forget New York.
I dream and think about it, and it can't get out of my head.
I remember the smell of the asphalt, and the taste of Bubble Tea, and the scent of dollars, and the pure serenity that the great chaos of Time Square issued. Like the wind shakes the barley in the green Irish countryside.

How beautiful is thou world.
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Amen. X3 what flavour bubble tea did you have? I love the milky taro ^^

Aww you like Bubble Tea too? Great! Uhm, Mango, Lemon and Apple Green, tho I tried with milk and coconut too! **

I love bubble tea~ oooh i love Green apple! Coconut?? O: they don't do that here lol we have like 15 flavours only ^^;;

Ahhh I miss it so much! Here in Italy we don't have it, bur I know where to buy ingredients hahah wait- seriously? NO COCONUT? that's so weird D: but you know, it's just like milk and coconut and ice and boba, that's it vv

They don't have Bubble Tea in Italy? D: oh no, it must be hard xc it's the only drink i have as a treat, i've gone off fizzy drinks now. Is it like coconut milk? Or did it have bits of coconut in? When i get a job and my own house, i'm definitely going to have a proper bubble tea making station to offer o my guests X3

*offer to

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