A sudden understanding. Through a drunken filter
The feminine form,
Hourglass shaped and inviting,
Have I let it deceive me?

Me, a male
It is a very selfish pursuit
that I seek to undress you
No, I grin at you, showing you my desire
But I will not force you.

Let us entwine,
try our best to be whole
make two into one.

My life is passion,
and you are it manifest
Let me claim your lips,
let us surrender ourselves for the night.
Let us be heroes to each other,
then go our separate ways.

No piece of paper can signify my love,
for your higher pitched voice,
for your ample chest.

Oh gods, hear this plea:

Let me love, and know only love,
let me be selfish in my desire for women,
and let them be only the same to me.

You are the me, I would be,
were I of inward thought and glance.


ltuthill ltuthill
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

This is witty. Love it!