When I was in 9th grade,I was started being bullied for acting gentle,kind,helpful or should I say feminine?I was not acting macho!This led me to depression and negativity!I m from India so I think some Indian fellows might understand how tough it has been for me!But I didn't turn a bad guy for the sake of the phrase`fight fire with fire' 'coz I didn't wanted to fall on their level!Anywhere I go in India,i discovered "Indians are good and friendly" was just a talk!Hardly they give respect!I hated India ever since I was a child becoz of their stupid food,stupid culture and tradition and now I hate them more so much that I myself regret to be an Indian and that's why I really wonder why do foreigners come to visit India.When I have a degree,I'll definitely fly to California and settle down with a nice boyfriend!I hate u Indians!
Maaren Maaren
18-21, M
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Awe that's no way to think :( Unfortunately there are people like that everywhere, no matter where you go. There are still lots of friendly Indians, I'm sure. In my city up here in Canada, there are lots of Indians and a lot of them are very friendly :) My family LOVES the spicy Indian chicken (I don't eat chicken though), and the clothes are beautiful <3 The saris... wow... I understand if you don't like India though. Just don't hate them because of bad experiences. After all, it's usually the loud minority that causes the problems :/ I think you're a lovely guy. Don't ever change, just stay strong and stay you!

Thank you for your great and kind thoughts but the Indians you have over there are mature.I feel that those innocent indians who settle over abroad are intelligent,smart and mature indians.You've got no idea how indians are over here.

Ah, I guess you're right :( There are still good people everywhere though. :) Sometimes they just don't speak up when they should :/ I've been scoffed at by an Indian elderly lady, just because I smiled at her. She still seems to act like I'm the enemy whenever I see her on my way home from the bus stop. She says things in her language directed at me. Glad I don't know the language sometimes. How's that for intelligent and mature? Lol.

You're a great guy though, very observant about you environments and the people around you, and you even plan to go to another country to settle! That's a huge step! And you're... 15? Wow, you've already got your future planned! Impressive ^_^

Not exactly planned but I m scared that I may not succeed in life!In my class,85% of my classmates are smart and "even have a personality" and friends! I m just a dumbhead who still believes in moral values.

You're the smart one! You're unique, intelligent, kind, reasonable, and your mind is so broad! You will definitely succeed! Always plan, and have a good attitude. Good attitudes feed the brain power :) You have personality. You're quiet, and content. You value the simple things instead of taking them for granted. Don't doubt yourself! You've got potential to go very far :)

R u an astrologer or mind-reader or do u have some ability to know someone's true character?

No, but I wish I did! I read a few of your posts already though, and I've met LOTS of different types of people from all over. All lot people seem to be self-conscious about something! Like how people see them, what they look like, how they talk, how they walk, what's wrong with them, and so on. Even the smart and popular kids have something they're self-conscious about! It's very normal :) Everyone experiences it.

You seem like the kind of person that would try his best at anything, until he achieves it.

You know,I would like to meet you in person and hug u tightly as a way of expressing my gratitude since no one has ever said something so beautiful to me.

Awe ^.^ I would love a hug as well! I really mean what I said. You deserve much better. As for this website, you've come to right place! The Experience Project is full of very nice and caring people :) Also watch out for the mean people though! (They are everywhere! Haha! Even on the internet!)

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