Look Up At the Night Sky - This Is a Test.

When you look up at the night sky, you can see one of two things;

#1 - A blanket of shining lights, forever mysterious.

#2 - A bottomless, boundary-free expanse of infinity - like a map of imagination.

I myself get the second - and it never fails to awe me, the absolute insignificance that it makes you feel sends shivers down your spine. It makes the world seem like such an adventure. Imagine the endless stars and planets whirling around incomprehensible stellar bodies so large that we are atoms by comparison.

The well of space and the brievity of life are powerful agents, working together to make our conscious mind capable of great artistic and creative feats. We see the beauty of all the unanswered questions - the things we can never know for certain and the things that are treasured because they don't need to be known.

It really makes you sit up and pay attention to the almighty forces at work in nature, and in the cosmos. The sheer energy and mass and power. We are so brittle by comparison, so pitiful and essentially pointless. Our creative spark is what defines us as sentient.

We are Gods - no sane person can deny it. Our potential for greatness is amazing, as is evident by the miraculous achievements of Modern Art, Film and Literature; the creative sciences - if you will. Such films as 'Sunshine' where we as mankind are sent to fight the cosmos - sent to fight for our continued existance by keeping our dying sun alive. 

Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' series, demonstrating how vivid and powerful the imagination can be, that it creates physical emotions within us. Bringing pain to our hearts when a fictional character passess away - and sending goosebumps over our flesh when the heroes emerge victorious.  Even though these events are all taking place in our head. 

George Gittoes, and his work in the Artistic environment; dedicating his life to exposing the horror of war, from the viewpoint of those caught between the conflict - the civilians whom suffer due to Government or Religious based quarrels. His work shows the impact a single indicidual can have, the stories that are created by his choices and his actions. By living life you alter the universe. By moving that stone, you changed things. 

I think this is beautiful. 


Maul Maul
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

i liked the movie "Sunshine"

More than beautiful...