I dream all the time. My favorite and most unlikely to happen dream is that I would be a superhero, but I wouldn't save the innocent. No, I would save the bad guys. After all superheros don't exist until someone becomes one, right?
I also have a dream where I own a hugely successful business and I use it as a way to give speeches to large groups of people or use the money to give to people around the world. Also a very unlikely dream because I am not a very social person and I am terrible at giving speeches.
I have one nightmare that I could not stand if it happened... I grow up and live a happy life that I'm perfectly content with. I do not want a mansion, I do not want money and I will not be content with life.

But I am also a logical thinker... Even if it doesn't seem like I am. I like to solve problems but I don't like to create them. I enjoy coming up with quotes about life. I actually have a word document that I started in 2013 which I named "thinking" and I add my thoughts to it all the time and just let stuff come out. It was mostly meant so I don't forget some idea I might come up with. Quite a few pages at this point. I would share some but some of it might make you think I'm crazy... which I'm not.
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We have a lot in common and don't worry...no one thinks that u r crazy!!