I have undying perennial hope that blooms regardless the conditions preceding and leading to its inevitable demise. A Phoenix constantly reborn from the ashes knowing that endings and beginnings become indistinguishable over time. I know that life is cruel but it is the most loving heart that must be the bravest for the hard heart its shielded by it's bravery and comfortable in its loneliness. I have learned that love is selfless, boundless and mysterious. It's powers are miraculous both to heal and to hurt for only those who bear the scars of love understand it's power. True love is not for the faint or weak or scared. It makes no promises and can just as easily crush you as it could transport you from mundane reality to blissful heaven. Love cannot be controlled or tamed yet it can tame our beastly urges and inspire wild abandon and passion in even the most timid. It can be utterly terrifying, it can give us infinite strength or ***** everything from us leaving us bare and weak in an instant. It is everything I fear losing it is everything I could ever hope to find. It is all consuming and inescapable. I am here because I know that it exists. . Maybe one day it will come to stay. I can only hope.
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painful to read, yet so true.

Thank you

Beautiful and very true. I am on the same journey.