Being a Dreamer and Thinker Help Me to Survivor Life

I had been abuse mentally and physcialy and sexual when I was 4 yrs old, by the time I was 7 I learn to avoid the sexual abuse I would go to the river and chase beautiful butterflies that when i learn to dream as a child I wish I were a butterfly they are so beautiful they fly free no one can touch them, as the sunshine and the wind blew it made me feel so wonderful inside..I was so depress when I was little and did try to kill myself to become that butterfly. Igot punish for that but I had learn to dream from that day till now my dreams and thinking help me grow and understand alot about life and people.i had many dreams came true over time.I use to sit under a weeping willow tree and stare into the blue skie s and daydream. I'm 54 now and I still have dreams and my mind always thinking, I had to learn to quite the mind when I go to bed, I tend to worry to much.

you can dream the impossible, doesn't matter if it comes true , you can dream what ever makes you smile and feel good..

dreaming can be the best escape from life even if its for 15 mins or hrs when you need to take a break from life.

I love to daydream nobody can enter lol

destiny3 destiny3
51-55, F
Mar 18, 2009