I love to daydream.  Sometimes I can lose half a day thinking about possibilities and what ifs.  I love also to reconfigure the world in my mind, like imagine, for example, that trees can talk and what if I'm headed down one of life's wrong roads, the trees would stop me and say, "honey, you need to be careful over there.  Maybe that choice is more dangerous than you think."  What if, when I am walking through the park a squirrel could come up and just stomp on my toe, and run?  

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

when i read your story it gives me hope. Hope that innocence is not lost as you grow older. I am not calling you naive, I am simply saying that you see the positives and the good in life. To me that is amazing and more people could learn from this!<br />
Never give up on daydreaming!!