I learned to dream at an early age. I was raised an only child so when I was bored or wanted to play I had to be creative. I would dream of how I was going to buy a car or motorcycle and me and my 2 cousins were going to travel across country to California and just hang out and work only when we needed some fast cash. Live on the beaches and wake to a beautiful sunrise every day. We use to get together and discuss this for hours as we sat in someone's car and pretended we were old enough to go now. I still occasionally look back with fondness at those dreams of youth and get that old familiar feeling of the wind in my face on the open road....Yes, I'm still very much a "Dreamer".

Arnoldsmom Arnoldsmom
51-55, F
1 Response Mar 28, 2009

It's fine to be a dreamer so long as you don't burn the new