Can You Think of Nothing

 I can switch off so well that i can be in a room full of people and hear nothing. Then all i have are my thoughts i love that. When my son was young i would take him to his granmother so i could get a few hours to myself. I would turn off all the electric take myself to the quietest room in the house, sit down exhale take in the sound of silence and think about not thinking.   Peace.

thehippy thehippy
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4 Responses Mar 28, 2009

lol...THAT IS WHAT I DO....your freaking me out now, because you have said it just as i would..exactly

i have just printed this out so i can show it to my ex when i go to see my daughter on wed we argued a lot about just this thing i can slip my mind to idle and think of nothing at all and she would see this blank look and demand to know what i was thinking of and when i would say nothing she would say you cant think of nothing and i would say (i can !) !!

people ask me what i am day dreaming about i say 'nothing', they say 'you must be thinking about something you cant think of nothing', i say 'i can'...good isn't it? :)

wow...must have been total bliss to have that peace of mind...there is nothing like peace of mind. A little bit of peace is better than no peace at all. It is like going into a meditative trance...I do that sometimes when I am around others.