I Am Creative But Also Analytical

My boyfriend is more of a dreamer than I am but I am a thinker.  I love to learn new things! I am very analytical regarding myself and the world around me. I am very introspective and look inward quite often regarding my motives, my behaviors, etc..  I am a keen observer of detail.

I am also creative and used to draw as a child. I really would love to get back into drawing again because I really enjoyed it. I am a perfectionist when it comes to drawing though which can be detrimental to get many drawings completed. I also am very creative with language and write poetry to help me work through my emotions or to get my thoughts out on paper. I love learning new languages! I also love music and love to dance. Dancing takes me to another place where there is no division between myself and the music. I only dance for my own enjoyment but that is enough.

beaniefiend beaniefiend
31-35, F
Apr 26, 2009