Some people see the world in black and white. They always see things as right or wrong. Some see shades of gray. And some of us see so many colors everywhere we look. Personally, I even like to throw some glitter in the mix. Things are better when they sparkle. Sometime I wonder if it can work out between the different types of people. If all he sees is gray, how can I make him understand the world I live in? I can't comprehend seeing things any other way. So can we ever really understand each other?
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It depends really. If you are two peoe who.enjoy new experiences and contrasts, then yeah, it is a good thing.
I not then it is still workable.

Probably not.

I find if I grind the pega-corn horns and their hooves till they bleed and scream the glitter makes everything more of an electric's lovely but doesn't do much to help us understand another. ...sometimes that's enough right ? XD

I haven't tried that. I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

My husband tells me that's one thing he loves about me, How I see things. It helps him be more optimistic.

That's so sweet! I'm glad he appreciates it

People will never truly understand anyone else but we can try our best to help and make people see differently

bit by bit and piece by piece but not all the way except those very rare instances where we come across someone we can completely click with

That is rare to find. But it's pretty incredible when it happens