People often underestimate what they're capable of. But you find out you can do a lot more than you thought you could, when you don't have a choice. We should all have more faith in ourselves and our abilities to start with
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Amen Praise. More faith in ones self is always a must.

But I would want the surgeon to believe in his or her abilities. I think I'm capable of a lot. And, with training, I think I could be a successful surgeon. But I would need the training.

Pardon me but a doctor with good self confidence will always do better then one without any. Besides we are you talking about what one is capable of not what they wish they can do. Take for example I can replicate a piece of art when another may only be able to draw a line. We all have the knowledge to do anything we want but it is our choice to do with that knowledge what we will. We all start out as blank slates.

That's called being a dreamker miss.

AND...true success is being with all the mundane side of life. So much is in day.....sleep/eat/rest/bath/work/drive/talk.....
Then to be calm in the drama of the storms of life.....
To be.........

What if we don't have faith in our own abilities?

That's a lack of confidence that takes time to overcome. But most people really don't know what they're capable of until they don't have a choice.

Alright sure

Yeah we should. It's a shame we don't. The things I'm good at I do as much as I can. The things I suck at I try to avoid unless I have to do them. It always turns out ok, I just hate struggling to do something.

and for those of us that don't have much self-faith, we need to be put in crisis after crisis.

That sure is good a motivator... Nothing motivates better than hell breaking loose....

I for one seek in this area not faith, but motivation. Faith is powerful instrument, but it is useless without having a direction. It would be awesome to find a good source of self-esteem and meaning...