It has probably been my downfall in life. One would assume we reach a certain age and some kind of wisdom and maturity set in as we adapt to the reality of life. In my case, that hasn't happened. I'm still a dreamer. Further, I fear if maturity sets in so will depression. My dreams, ambitions and creative nature are the only things that keep my out of the black hole most days. My reality is the field of possibilities. Without that, life becomes one day after another stretched out before me like a rough road that leads only to a fatal drop off. It has to be the path and side trails that put interest and beauty in our lives. My path has flowers, waterfalls, laughter ... Side trails that lead to beautiful scenery and experiences I've yet to discover.

If maturity means something else, you can keep it.
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sounds wonderful ...wanna take a walk with me ?

I do think everyone is different and approaches life and the maturing process in different ways. I've reached the stage where my dreams are quite limited, yet I am also quite content and comfortable. I guess that's a good thing -- at least for me.

I've been told over and over again to 'Grow Up'....but I have found that 'Growing Out' is a much better path to take....and you are one of the rare people I can se has also taken this path...and when you speak of your Secret Garden,I too have grown and cultivated a place where few are the fragrance of this garden is so rare that many cannot even smell.
I too have many side trails that have led e to such beautiful,music and thought being my allies in the quest for my ultimate sanctuary.....don't ever doubt the way you have chosen with reference to others....your path has a heart,YOUR why question it?
The black hole of which you speak is simply the vision of others....but I can assure you that a new life will begin when we travel beyond the life we know in your visions and hold onto all that makes you feel real.

This marvelous film we call life can only have one main actor...YOURSELF! else can be the central be gone the doubts and any superficial questioning....begone religious norms and moral pressure....feel the soft breeze of the colourful fields that sprawl from your imagination and meander down your way as you feel fit.

I do just this and have found the secret to happiness......and now you can feel it!

Quite true