Life can be cruel if you're a dreamer
nocturnalhound nocturnalhound
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5 Responses Sep 4, 2015

The world as we know it today exist because someone had a vision.... a dreamers... someone who saw and wanted more... life can be cruel to us all... why not enjoy. dz

It can be worst if you are not.. dreamers create, build and helped to make life the way it is today.. Everything started with a dream, a vision... so dream... dream big and never forget its power.. ... dz. ...

I always want more than I have, I always want to be somewhere greater, be someone greater... Dissatisfaction is my life blood. I yearn, and lose myself to melancholy.

I don't think life is/should be cruel if you are a dreamer.. We actually create our lives each day by what we think. I've always been a dreamer and felt deep in my thoughts anything that I really wanted imagined and daydreamed about ... Eventually I would receive it:reach a goal.. And each thought focused in my dreams in fact arrived in my life. And I dream big. This is called "the law of attraction" it's a universal law and its real and it's why I'm here writing to you. Wake up you mind, and realize the power of your mind. I only think positive- no worry, fear, negative thoughts permitted in my brain. Because your mind is always attracting what you think- positive or negative. I've studied all this for years so difficult to summarize without getting too deep. Keep dreaming and believe in what you imagine and it will magically plop into your life. The universe weaves it all magically. The "how" is your mind creating it and the universe produces it into your life in time. For me- the simple things arrive instantly- within a day I can easily manifest free things - like 3 brownies coffee , soup, coffee's, dinner.. It always comes un the form of food. I found my soul mate, wealth, good health, happiness, my list is endless - with deep gratitude to the universe for all my gifts. Anyway- dream big and know anything is possible once you imagine it. Life is life... as you imagine it to be.

Im very open minded where you at I'm in Oklahoma