Dreamer and Have to Pay For It


I dream all the time, about so much. Unfortunately I dream to such a degree that it translates into something called "escapism". I end up dreaming more than living or trying to make those dreams real. I am working to balance my dreams with my actions as we speak.

I dream of the stars. Some of you who have been in the countryside during a clear night have seen the sky in its full glory. The stars call for me. I close my eyes and I see a craft hundreds or thousands of years from now traveling to a distant star system, reflecting the light of the nearby nebula from its fuselage plates. At that time nations will be one and distant galaxies will be populated. Surprisingly I don’t like Star Trek, just in case someone asks :P

More realistically, I dream of political goals, which to many people will sound offensive so I try to keep my real name and those goals separate. I dream of a single multi-level government with a clear legal code which doesn’t restrict personal freedom too much. I dream of no borders and of people who follow reason above emotions. I dream of a world where national pride gives way for international co-operation. 

JedoDre JedoDre
22-25, M
Sep 30, 2009