So, I tend to fantasize a lot ,about love and my career, mind you, I just got out of high school haha, and really, I'm just focussed on my chess, my own research, catching up on some overdue sleep and reading, and just loving and living life, today though, marks the day that I finally got over a few potential partners, and just solely focussed on what realistically matters, and I'm happy :) progress has been moving fast as of late, I feel like I'm just waking up and that January was just the pre-warm up to my 2016, it still felt like 2015 (must be the transition of energy/focus), so I basically came to the conclusion that my new year begins in February :), and I might just keep this up :D, where I come from we have a saying "don't Koppel feelings" which basically means "do not show some love to potential partners", it feels immature, and that love-wise, I'm working against my own self interest, but, right now, career building takes priority right now, although I do make time for my friends and family, and if the right one walks into my life, then it will be so :) Let there be peace among the shorelines that connect us to the deep ocean that is life, and let it be known that you can only do right, when feelings and cognition comes into equilibrium, and the strict belief that every decision, is the best one you make every time you make it, be audacious, tenacious and clever, be civil, love hard and just take a breather ,for life is an ****** of experience O:) Good day to all, have a good one :D
Braz1n Braz1n
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 27, 2016

I applause such positive outlook, such energy is contiguous, I wish you a fruitful year!