I am out and about tonight on my own without my toddler in tow. Its my night. I feel blessed to have some time for myself with my parents help.

Im having a cup of coffee and a book. Reading "One Summer" by David Baldacci. I've been choosing books related to my situation now. Books about a dying husband/wife or about being a single mum/dad. Books about people leaving and going. Books about being independent and rising up. I know I am doing well so far but they motivate me and give me a lesson or two. Im also planning to watch the movie "Room" about a mother and son trapped in a basement but making the best out of the situation. Has anyone watched that yet? Im a bit late and the movie theatres in my country may stop showing it soon.
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hi. I watched Room in the plane on my way to HK for Chinese New Year. Great movie. It gives you strength. Take care.