My new husband was a single child and lived a sheltered life. We have only been married a few weeks now, and since he comes from a religious family, we lived strictly apart until our wedding night. All that went well, so I won’t say more about it. But a couple of days after the “big night” things began to slide downhill. It started in the bathroom. It seems that Hubby’s mother had taught him that women when they do “number 2” leave behind no smell, or if there is a smell it is like freshly baked bread. So after a big, greasy meal last week when I really had produced a load, he happened into the bathroom after me and was absolutely aghast. He left retching and screaming saying, “what are you, some kind of sickie?” I tried to explain to him, but he would have none of it. He’s even starting to talk about divorce.
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I use body spray to disguise it when I sleep over a guy's house. I remember one guy being so anxious he put something under the door when he'd been so the smell wouldn't come out, he was repulsive to look at and sleep with I don't think the smell of his **** would of made it worse!