Hello Friends I had A scary dream and it was such that I wondered why the dream was almost similar to the dream I had almost two month ago. as I reflected upon the dream and sort to find out the relevance behind the series of reoccurring patterns presented thereof I felt inspired to translate the dream into poetry. Anyway I later called a friend of mine who happened to be a professor and sent him a mail containing the poem. Hitherto I just wonder why I have such reoccurring dream. Its sounds strange but I feel something very funny that would shock the world is about to unfold.
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I have something to tell you too. From since I was pregnant with my daughter, and going through divorce, I have had reoccurring dreams none-stop that I could not explain, some of them were like complete a whole story of my life, or a message telling me that there is a guy out there who cares about me and he is worried of losing me, even if years passed, and I got him a son, he always gets worried that if he had to leave the country, I might feel lonely and fall for another guy, and leave him behind, but I know myself, that if I loved someone and I have my son that I have wished for having frome him, I would never leave him, but these are fears of someone out there who truly cares for me. When 2015 came, especially after meeting a stranger traditionally, I finally knew who is that guy, the one that I have seen him in my dreams, hearing voices of angels telling me that he is my peace, my salvation, and the one person that I will be carrying the son that I wished to have from him, and that no one from the guys around, who got the chance or will get the chance to be in my life before him, will care about me, or cry for my pain, like this guy would do.
If anyone knew who is that guy, who would to make me his wife, it will shock the world, like it shocked me, because I could not imagine that someone like him, who has many ladies craving for his attention, and many people love him, would be my destiny that heaven above made me see dreams about him. I thought he was just a wish, a stranger who might not exist, and any guy could be him, but after finding out that he is real, I knew that I would lose him again to another stranger, like I lost him after when my ex-husband came to my life, and if this stranger who is nothing like him, will get the chance to be engaged to me, I know that I will end up with a guy who is just like my ex-husband, but in a different personality, and I promised myself, that if any guy other than my destiny, came to my life, and kept pushing me to marry him, only to destroy the connection between me and the guy that was supposed to be my destiny, I will not let him touch me, and I will always make him feel bored, even if it takes me to trap him with me, I know that in the other world, I will be with my destiny.
Because I know that if my destiny came to me online, and promised me that he will not let any guy take me away from him, it will only be words, and I will always wait patiently, and he will always stay away, so why bother waiting? If everything around me, is just going against us both? I would rather live a life in misery, and sacrifice for the happiness of others.