To kiss a dream,
to taste your sweet lips and feel passions fire ignite into a raging flame.
'Tis more than a simple loving gesture, it's the embodiment of desire, a way of saying without words:
"My very breath is yours"
I long to touch your lips with loves delicate embrace.
To feel the explosion of all humanly possible longing into the creation of a new universe. A place, that for this span of time, we are the only two beings to exist. That we orbit each other in a dizzying ballet of sensation.
To feel your pulse race in time with mine, to see the sparks of our shared passions populate our universe in a display of stars more spectacular than any seen in the mere physical realm we now exist in.
I long to see love shining in your eyes, a light burning brighter than the sun. a fire that could warm my soul and let me believe I have found that mythical place called home.
I wish for you to see the promise in my own eyes. That sworn deposition that you are all to me. I am devoted to your smile, that its radiance gives my life its color. I would work to make this world a paradise for you and when our time on this plane ends that I swear to make a new one for you.
I would not let your light fade, I would sing songs of love to you beyond life itself.
This world is but a pale shadow of what my heart has created for you.
When I feel?
When I let myself fully feel,
I tremble in need.
I am a coiled spring, a lit fuse, the calm before the storm.
Potential, ready to explode in a new 'big bang' just to create the universe anew for you.
One touch of your lips would be the spark.
But even if that kiss never came, your universe would still be.
Always for you.
A universe of love.
A universe where you may fly my dearest one, ever free you fly.
ArnoldJRimmer ArnoldJRimmer
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 16, 2016


Well now, that's just beautiful! Nicely written.