"The sea,
the majestic sea,
breaks everything,
crushes everything,
cleans everything,
takes everything,
from me."
- Corinne Bailey Rae

I've been dreaming to live by the sea. I have a friend from Maine who lives near one and I would keep coming back to her stories and her pictures. Coincidentally, she was a single mum for quite a while and then got married recently. Dreams. I find that when I wake in the morning at 6am and doze off unexpectedly at around 7am, I have very vivid and significant dreams that seems to have a hidden message. Like of trains, mountains, strange towns and the sea. There is a beach in this part of my country that I've recently fell in love. It isn't much. But it is very shaded with trees, a nature playground and it is lined with houses. Filthy rich houses of course. A property by the sea is wealth here. But I went to look it up on the internet today to find out how much it would cost. 2 million dollars. I don't have that of course but it is okay to dream. I am pointing a finger to one particular house by that sea. You'll never know.
majesticsea majesticsea
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2016

Never stop dreaming! You're young and there may be time if you have the inclination. I do the same thing ... dream that is and often the same way. But, allow your mind and body to also actively pursue your dreams. Others do it and achieve! Why not you? Often we limit ourselves instead of believing in ourselves and figuring out where the paths to higher levels are. I did that for YEARS! I have found my PATH to that which is higher.... for me. I'm not talking materialistically. I'm saying that there are paths to happiness and self that can include fun and enjoyment along the way but also give you the means to get where you want to be. I don't see that as a bad thing:) Just make sure your path is chosen for the right reasons!

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm currently looking into what I am passionate about. :)