have you ever seen the same dream 4 or 5 times and that happened in the future after ?
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Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night realizing I just had a dream but cannot remember it. All I know was I also had that dream before. And I usually spent my remaining hours of sleep recalling it.

so that dream repeated only twice ?

not only twice. Though I can't remember the details, I have this feeling that I always had that dream. :)

Funny 'coz I don't know how to explain this. When I woke up I told myself "Oh! It happened again..then when I try to think what dream was it..I can't remember anymore".

same but i remember it.i had that feeling on my life that something bad would happen to me in future like death or something and i started to watch that dream like 3-4 time in the week and that happen in my future

I'm sure that feeling sucks. Everytime I feel like something bad will happen especially if I have a dream that gives me a negative feeling, all I do is to pray. It pretty much works on me every time. :) Coz I can't control my dreams so I pray. :)

but the real question is does the god exist?

Yes I do believe in Him. He always saves me. He grants my prayers everytime. :)

Whether He exists or not, it is only a matter of faith. If you believe in Him, then he exists. If you don't, then He does not.

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I tend not to have recurring dreams, but do occasionally experience deja-vu.