Sometimes I just wish life was simple. I so dearly love simplicity. How great it would be if life was just pushing a button over and over. If only that was somehow satisfying and meaningful...
I don't even ask for something easy, just simple. I'm tired of being lost.
If only I was alone. If everyone would just disappear but yet life still be livable. So silent. So peaceful. How much stress would go away if people were to disappear off the face of the earth!
If only all I had to accomplish in life was work up enough courage to put a bullet in my head. If only life was all about money.
If only I was all-knowing so I knew I have nothing to learn. If only I was all-powerful so there would be no power to gain.
If only I never woke up. If only I was content with the chaos. If only time wasn't amplified in my head.
If only I was you.
But I'm not.
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No, you just said I wasn't avoiding and that that was my problem. Ignorance is bliss huh? Did you block me? Your comment seems to have disappeared! Run! RUUUUUNNNNN!!!

You complicate life for yourself. It is simple. Set a goal and do it. It really is simple. I can't stress it enough.

No it's not. What goal? What's the goal for? Is it a one time goal or can you do it over and over? Where do you obtain motivation to do it? Is it just to keep your sanity in check or is it an actual goal? Is it right? Is it just? WHAT IS JUST?? Can we even tell? Do ends justify means? If it's just a goal like cleaning your kitchen how does that help anyone but you for a moment of time? Do all short term goals have to somehow lead up to a long term goal? If so what long term goal? We can't read the future so how could we possibly have a lifetime goal? It would be an unstable goal as life never goes as planned and the world itself changes. Like chasing a moving car, you won't ever catch it. So where would you get off? Never? Eternity of chasing? Ever run? It burns. BURNS!
There are trillions of questions that open up when you set goals. It most certainly is not simple.

I'm how much older than you? Every single person I know and love is successful. Yes, it's simple. You make it complicated. And that's obviously the way you want it to be. So sad for you. You are in a for a hard life that you could easily, yes easily have avoided.

Avoid all you want. You can't outrun your fate.

You are the one avoiding. Seriously. I really feel sorry for you. Enjoy your hard life and remember that YOU chose it.

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