My favorite thing to do is stare at the night sky and just let my mind take over. Minutes, hours, it feels like I enter a timeless void where all I can do is just stare and wait for the answers to start rolling in. Instead I'm replaced with the realisation that the only magic left in the world is way out of my grasp, and even then, what if it's not magic at all and there are reasonable explanations for everything? This is the thing that drags me into a deep depression, yet it's the only thing keeping me going.
EnigmatiK EnigmatiK
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2 Responses Feb 29, 2016

I used to stare at night sky also. When I look up the sky, it made me feel refreshed. Like all my problems are slowly fading. But I don't do that anymore. Life gets busy that when my day ends, I don't remember that looking up the sky do a trick to me. :)


i love when there is a full moon and no clouds in the sky so you can see all the stars