I have come to the conclusion that we must learn to be content in our own company, and not be craving for attention from outside. Any opportunity to help a fellow human-being should be grabbed by both hands because nothing can make you happier than knowing that made somebody's burden lighter, even though it was for just a passing second. However, its best not to expect help and comfort from the other because then you are bound to be disappointed. Help. Love. And keep your expectations (especially from others) low.
Perhaps some Good Samaritan may pass by and lift you up, but love from an unexpected source is infinitely better than expecting love and not receiving it.
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1 Response Mar 1, 2016

dont wait for a miracle from god cause only stupid people believe on them.but im here not with your problem but another one i feel your pain and i support you.

well lets assume the god is there listening to your prayers did you imagine that the world has more than 7 billion people who will god help first...

ofc i have some time to discuss about this i think i can prove you're wrong