I seriously just zone out when I daydream or start thinking.I'm just inside my head all day honestly.When you have my attention you don't really have my attention.I created this place in my mind when I was a teenager its always dark there the stars shine SO bright and there's this open space surrounded by forest trees which is where me and two versions of myself meet up.I still meet up there to this day it's something about going inside your own head and actually talking to your subconscious it's relaxing.I've always been so independant because of my deep thinking,when I had people it never really felt like I had them I'm just deep inside my head all the time.So disconnected. I'm a bit of a creative genius so it's understandable I guess?
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2016

Are you Aquarius?

Sadly no

It's fine.. Mostly Aquarius are like that.. I m an Aquarian :) but most of the time we also know how to hide our innerself from others.. I exactly know what you are saying.. If you want someone to understand you.. Find an aquariun!!

I can relate. :)