I don't feel like doing much today.
All that's in my head is you. I think it's a sad fact but it's to ******* true.

I've been moping about all day before work, listening to songs and imagining things could work.

I think fantasys are my favorite kind of off time quirk.

All this cute **** pops into my head like tidal waves to the mind. It's extremely sad how compulsively clingy my mind is like having a,
price sticker that won't come off of a gift.

It's, frustratingly overwhelming.

I wish I could admit my feelings to you, to others, to myself. A poetic and romantic hell.

We could make it into something beautiful if we just admitted that we don't want to be hurt in a world full of sharp edges. We don't want to pop or be deflated. Nobody want's to take a chance and suffer a loss.

And when I think of you, I think of loss. A loss I don't want to lose but damn my ******* head sure wants to try.

So I sit here on this semi cloudy day with music playing to block out thoughts of you that enter my mind.

Because feelings can't be caught and I have to appear like I'm not ******* distraught when I see you for the most adorable note to my song.

I hope the song never ends because the ending would be sad.
Sometimesilence Sometimesilence
22-25, F
Mar 21, 2016