She is standing in the doorway of the her terrace, the moon is finding it's hiding place as the sun has now returned from its hiding. It is still dark outside, and the stars can be seen by the millions.
She is clothed in a pearl white, sheer, floor length gown, that shows ever part of her body. The feathery, lace ruffle at the neck is flapping with the light breeze. She gazes out into the open sky, with the thought of flight.
She has been held captive by the love of her owner; his love for her, has clipped her wings, to keep her grounded. Still something beyond the night calls her to spread her wings and fly. She lifts one wing, it is beautiful, soft, and she realizes, that her strength is gone within seconds. She returns her clipped wing to her side and she will stand and wait.
The next morning, before the sun rises, she makes her way to her terrace, where her door is again, open, giving her full view of a mysterious world. The voice calling her to take flight, aches her to the bone. She knows she can do it, if she will not concentrate on what lies ahead. She closes her eyes and lifts her beautiful, soft, wings and hears the voice say, "Come." She gracefully lifts from the ground, only to open her eyes, and see that she is no longer grounded. This scares her and she returns her beautifully clipped wings to her side and she waits.
The next morning, she sleeps later than normal, so she gets up and slips her gown on and it glides over her head and down her body, where it clings to her like part of her own skin. She rushes to the terrace, where her door is always open. The sun has come out from its hiding, and lines the horizon with a tiny strips of yellow, orange, and purple. It is the most breath-taking view she has ever seen. She knows today will be the day she is free to fly.
She confidently spreads both of her beautiful, soft, but strong wings, and begins to rise. With her eyes open and the building of anticipation, she begins to glide through the air. She is soaring into the unknown, nearing the unknown voice that has been calling her. The farther from her terrace that she gets, the more unsure she is of where she wants to be.
Her fear of being free and her fear of being captive, are one in the same. She hears him call her. It is not a voice that anyone else can hear only her. She becomes desperate, and panic fills her as she longs to return to her terrace, and to her master. She searches to see him, but she cannot, she has gone to far from his reach. She knows she is lost, but she can hears his voiceless call to her, and only she can hear. She closes her eyes, and she can feel his touch; she can feel him petting her, and telling her it's ok.
As she lands on her terrace, she is greeted by the only love she has known, the only master that has cared for her. She realizes that her beautiful, soft wings were clipped for her own good, not to keep her captive, but to keep her protected from the world, beyond what she knows.
The next morning she sleeps in beyond the sunrise and well into the mid-morning, where she no longer dreams of being free and flying.
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I want to cry reading this.. I so glad I read it..thanks

it is not always a bad thing that u want to be held captive is it?


I'm somewhat speechless...

In not certain what aspect as me speechless.
The entire writing seemed to unfold before me like a dream.

Seems we always try to run from the things we most need.


She came all right, chomping that nasty thing on the carpet!!!!!!