I love having realistic dreams, even if they're bad ones. It can just show how creative your mind is.

I love being able to remember my dreams in perfect detail then analyze them later.

I love thinking about simple things but in great depth.

I love being able to discuss deep things with other 'thinkers'.

I love being able to turn my dreams into reality

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I would like to be proven wrong, as usual ^_^

Weeeeell... =P in my experience all men are the same xD

Can't live with them, Can't live without them... C'est la vie!

Men... ¬.¬<br />

hmm, this is a good question...something like this is not easy to answer in just a few words I am sure we will find out as we get there =) as honest of an answer I can give.

oh nice..

How should i show it to you? =D

haha so your always right, your gonna have to show this to me...otherwise I am gonna challenge you =)

I agree, men can sometimes be right, but i am ALWAYS right =D<br />
tut tut tut...

hahaha hmm we may have to work on this one....because I am sure there are instances where yes she maybe right but Men can be right as well =)<br />
<br />
tis be why we ground you =]p

D'aww thanks =D<br />
When will men learn, I'm ALWAYS right? xD<br />

I think we should ground her for a day just to add some humor to our dreams =P<br />
<br />
yet sad to say she does have a point...not my thing to always agree with a woman, even as special as this one. <br />
<br />

To find your virus, i'd suggest meditating.. May sound silly, but you'd be absolutely amazed with what you can do.<br />
<br />
I stay away from self-destructive dreams etc, purely by doing calming exercises before i sleep, keeps my dreams light and happy, so i'm in a good mood when i wake up ^_^ Ever the optimist<br />

I was once along the same lines of self destruction, couldn't help looking at something and see reality shift around it towards the dark path that it went. Yet I found my zen so to speak ^_^ and that goal will become real I just have to make it happen.<br />
<br />
Shivers just get me at times, oh that feeling like did I do this already I could have sworn it

Death and destruction in dreams is usually a sign of creativity and keeping things to yourself. Inner self-destruction in a way :)

I have a dream just like that. I only have it rarely but its a recurring dream. I absolutely love it.<br />
Deja vu is the best feeling for me, it's like you're reliving your life or watching it again. Gives me shivers.

Yeah, I know how you feel. There is one I am especially found of I am in from what I can speculate is scotland driving just driving. One that goes back to my earliest memory is a place that is surrounded by the woods there is a rock wall with water poring forth fulling a small pond, when I look down at the water it is a beautiful clear blue color. I will post you a picture of the closest place I have yet found to be that place =)<br />
<br />
Outside of that deja vu is a constant feeling even with me in the military I can still see a path I must follow.

I love those feelings. Especially deja vu. My dreams are usually quite... deep. I usually dream about places, walking in woods, swimming in crystal blue lagoons. That kinda thing :)

Ever feel like sometimes your almost living a dream or it seems like deja vu? What sort of dreams are they if you don't mind me asking =)