I've always been a thinker but i just recently realized that its not totally normal for people my age, i feel like only old people and middle agers really think in depthly like i do and all of the high school students like myself have never sat back and just thought. I have a notebook full of my thoughts and feelings, someday i want to write a book full of them. Just called like- thoughts and feeling of a regular person, just so people can relate to something.

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goodluckrubberduck on Feb 8th, 2010 at 7:40PM <br />
I am in high school as well and feel like every one gest is there and never thinks in depth. Some times most of the time i gest lay in my bed for half the day and think. I love righting and drawing and making art about my thawts. Sadly my spelling keeps me from makeing a book so I feel traped in side no one will ever know reely know about what gos throw my hed.

I think I understand how you feel. It was just the same for me. <br />
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But I was lucky because I had a lot of old people I could talk to, and they had time to listen when I felt like talking. It makes for continuity. There's always more to learn -- especially when people know how to make it a fun thing.<br />
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I think our thoughts and feelings are ultimately the most important part of our lives. That's the only stuff we'll be taking with us whenever we go to wherever it is. (D'you think about that too?)<br />
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I'd be glad to listen if you feel like like talking. Or suggest some interesting books if you feel like reading.<br />
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Either way, it's a great thing to write your thoughts and feelings -- and wonderful to read them again years later...