What Dreams May Be

It was as vivid and haunting as it could be.

I saw you far ahead. With your jeans and blue shirt.
You waved.
I ran to you.
Just because.

We sat in a nearby coffee shop and had something to drink.
Most likely coffee.
You ordered cheesecake.
Because you know I love cheesecake.

We talked. Like we used to do.
We laughed. Like we used to do.
We teased each other. Like we used to do.

We headed to a quaint bookstore.
We love to browse books.
And spend hours doing so.
You showed me a book on mythology.
I showed you a book on fairies.
We smiled. And said, "Hmm".

We strolled down the park.
The walking turned into running.
We love to run. We played tag.
And when you were it, you caught me and carried me around.
Because you're a tall man.
And I'm just small.

But time came for you to go.
I don't want you to go. Yet.
I held on to your arm. The arm that bore your tattoo.
You shrugged me off. You pushed me away.
And you said, "Don't cling".

My hand fell to my side. Head bowed down. I didn't know what to say.
As you turned to walk away, I looked up to see your face...

...when my phone rang. It was 7:00 am. I was being asked to come to work. On a Sunday.

It was as vivid and haunting as it could be.
I kept thinking about it the whole day.
I kept thinking about you the whole day.

To my dear friend, you know who you are...but shhh...just don't think...
Hush now to what dreams may be.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
19 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Thank you, too, Shai, for commenting. Happy you loved it. :)

I love the imagery in your writing. Thank you for sharing :-]


I'm sure DV is a good guy. Don't know him, so I hope he understands my sense of humor.

LOL...Like I would tell you who...chasing is fun, you know... haha :D<br />
There are just some days you can't win them all, Jimmy... ;)<br />
<br />
Goodness...DV has to read your comment...too funny! LOL ;)

Ooh. That 7 am phone. <br />
<br />
He has a tattoo on his arm?! And, I thought you were dreaming of me! Does that make for triple rejection today? <br />
<br />
Who is this dude? Please don't say its dreamvoyeur. I have a weird feeling about him and his one eye.

LOL, Des...didn't see your last comment here...you so love your light sabre...so cute...okay, then I can use my fairy wand and brandish it before your sabre.....this is so cool! ;)

This was a real dream, Jimmy...as much as I want a different ending, I don't have the remote control for it...and my phone rang! Darn work. And amazingly, I remembered the details...very strange...<br />
<br />
Thanks for the comment...FINALLY! ;)

This is a beautiful story except for the sad ending, Sylph. Your friend must be crazy, but be patient because after all he is a man. Does this have to be the ending?

You got that right...it brings out our dark side...LOL ;)

Guess you're not wicked...you're a crazy witch, girl! LOL You and your mad laugh... :D You're funny...

Oh, cool! I like that! Love witches...wicked or not. :D

Aha! And I thought the *poof* thing comes with my territory as a fairy... ;)

Thanks, Des...*hugs in the air because you're hiding*... LOL

What song are you all talking about here? I am so lost in my own story...like my story can be a song??? Seriously?

Name change, ay? Hmmm...

No, I can imagine that as a song.

Easier said than done, Laurie...darn dream had me thinking the whole day! But hey, I got a story for it anyway. ;) ........lol...they rhyme...Thanks, honey...*hugs*

You're not teasing me, are you, DV? ;)