Who Iam What Iam Real Or Not

twenty year old the relay on as a man but i still feel i didn't grow up yet i loose my focus on real life i go to dream my sister is opposite to me she told me you have to change or you will never success in life the problem is i know that but i found life hard when i study i dream when i work i dream i found life sometimes and sometime loose it meaning

a lot of my friends admit i am smart but when it come to the time i have to speak i always shut up so i dream with people who listen appreciate what i think i don't want to know i am smart and not to use it  i well loose it in the end i am in real life but no one around you get you what to do thought take me to unreal world where i found what i like i want to be a man but without killing the dream inside


if you kill the dream you are an empty shell they say man must be strong and know every way will no one know ask me to much or i am not trying much

or booth finding the life or living the life i have many friends but my close one hard to find someone will hear you understand you as you are what you say never under estimated even discuss what you are in world fill with material and lost the thinker and dreamer are called dump we must not dream a lot and we must not loose our self to daily life but who achieve booth is the man i am a dreamer who want to be a man   by my self not like they want

canonyos canonyos
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Hey man i wouldn't worry about it so much. you are still young. I am about your age maybe a year or two older though. It took me up until not too recently to really find out what I wanted to do. Oh man it started with so much random stuff that i got into. But it all became a chain reaction of things which led to another and another. Now i know that I want to be a photographer. So just let things ride and experiment with different things to see what might be fun.<br />
<br />
On another thought, I would not worry about what other people want. You shouldn't even worry about becoming a "man" so much either. Let time take its course. And if you want to be productive and do something, then just go out there and do it! no excuses! I know that can be hard for dreamers. But if I can do it so can you!