Can I Make It Real

Ive been living in a world of illusion now. this is my way of battling my deppression.... when I want to get away from pain... I thing and dream a lot...

when I want to end it all, I create a new world where things were okay... where I could handle my problems..

When odds are against me... i try to create a beautiful world i'm in... for once in my own world i'm the leading star.

in my world... the world conspire to make everything that i do a better place.

In my world... i can do anything with what i want... i can travel the whole world... i can become somebody important without getting into politics..

i can become rich without using anyone and I also imagine finding the right one for me...

emikei emikei
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

The dream land is an amazing place, anything is possible and you have some control over it. However I believe that if one would like to think there is a purpose to being capable of dreaming (or imagining), then it would be to better prepare us for reality. This is because the dream world in some way reflects reality to some extent, yet goes beyond to explores new ideas and new solutions to real life.<br />
<br />
I am not sure if we really should live in the dream world. How would you survive? But also the real life experiences are in some way deeper and richer even though they are limited. The dream world should then be seen as just a tool. I hope that you realize that and it doesn't in any way stop you from living life. Life is short and you can only accomplish a finite number of things in it, stay focused and seek balance and I believe you will solve your problems.