Reality? What's That?

At least, once per day, I am somewhere else. I said, "screw you reality, I'm having fun", and off I go. I go on adventures, meet people who don't exist, and have a h*ll of a time in my head. And I've always been like this. It took me until middle school, when in health class I found out about schizophenia and deluillsions and the like, that I realized this was not normal. No, I'm not legally insane, but that seccion of health class is what got me thinking.

But at times, I really worry myself. I come back to earth and I'm so disappointed. Sometimes I seriously concider just floating off and never coming back. Then I get mad at myself for thinking about it because I've got friends who need me. The same friends that I want to take with me when I depart from reality for a few hours. And I wonder if I can.

And now I'm wondering if writing this sort of thing after being up for 27 hours was the best idea I ever had. I'm already a space cadet, but now dream land is calling my name. Excuse me, I need to go fight some space pirates for stealing my dirty laundry.

Rattlecat Rattlecat
2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I write a lot and I love going off into my own little world. Husband and family hates it because they have to ask me something about six times before I actually hear them

You know, I think having a rich inner life can be a very good thing. it doesn´t make you "crazy" to live in you head sometimes. People who are imaginative and intuitive and have rich, complex inner lives are not often praised in our society, but that diesn´t mean they shouldn´t be. <br />
<br />
Of course, being up for 27 hours doesn´t sound good though. Make sure you are kind to your body and get plenty of rest.