I've Been Dreaming And Dreaming And Still Am

I've always been a bit of a dreamer . It started as a child always playing alone and making up mini stories which i actually acted out ! Then it continued into teenage life dreaming about getting away from the life i knew to find my own way in the world , meeting various people .This type of thing i thought i'd grow out of but i didn't and still dream that there's something better out there waiting for me, that something big is going to happen in my life . I sometimes wonder though about all the real life stuff i've missed out on because of the constant dreaming . Like, i know alot of people have recognised that most of the time i'm not on the planet and i'm sure they've thought me weird in some ways . I guess i'm tired of the dream never coming true and i'm tired of all the disappointments . No amount of dreaming will ever take reality away .

zoso77 zoso77
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

say i strongly believe in the sayin "the sky is the limit" because i daydream about the same thing. escaping reality and traveling to try new things and be active and joyful. i guess it sounds kind of cheesy but like i said i believe it to the fullest. I think its just a matter of what your willing to sacrifice for your dream.