Obstacle Of A Dreamer And A Thinker

I am as one would say " A Dreamer and a Thinker" I wouldn't change this trait for the world...


Sometimes though as "A Dreamer and a Thinker,"

Several parts Of myself test me constantly...

Such as my experience of putting a workgroup together (Which will eventually be a business)... I would have to say dealing with people is one of the hardest things ever!

 People I once wanted to work with me, back out. Potential Co-Workers all the sudden seem sketch.

I Personally think it's because Very few people in life actually are an "Upfront Person".


   This workgroup is basicly from one of my ways of trying to earn some money...

Being a Dreamer and a thinker is definetly a requirement in this Workgroup...

However, truth be told, there are so many aspects of this workgroup that I alone simply cannot do.

I need help with some of these aspects, Because making a legitement business definetly is not a job for just 1.


 This is my example of a Dreamer and a thinkers obstacle...


On The Optomistic Side

I do have 1 Co-Worker For sure.

and I am still a dreamer... (It's What Keeps Me going)



 I'm apologize to come off so vague, but if I expanded on it... I would be typing sensitive information.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thank you :)<br />
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I like your suggestion... and I have yet to try it.

Hmmm... good luck, and keep up the dreaming - I agree, it keeps us going! :-)<br />
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I also agree, that many people shy away from being the "upfront person" when put outside their comfort zone. Maybe, is there a way to get your potential co-workers within their comfort zone so they can put forth more of a commitment? <br />
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I felt like I had something to contribute here... but I think I fell short. Haha.