I hear people tell me they think, but sometimes that is a problem. They dont think logically. I on the other hand, have an issue. I CANT STOP thinking and it often bugs me. I mean I just cant control it. Thinking about life, people, imaginery creatures, etc. I look out a window and suddenly I'm lost in a memory or day dream. When I'm on Facebook or Myspace it almost always says thinking and people just dont get it. How the hell can he think so much? I often get asked what I am thinking or why I think so much. I cant just expain this! People dont understand me and dont take the time to know me therefore I think more. With the life I lead I wonder why I think at all and just blow the world away. Another funny fact, I'm not goth or emo. Well that is my story.

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

One vital thing for life, a hobby/passion.<br />
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You keep your mind busy with something and you can moderate your thoughts.<br />
The way I see it is everything in moderation, no matter how philosophical the thoughts.<br />
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So imagine those philosophical and passionate thoughts being expressed through let's say your hobby or passion. Now then you will have those powerful thoughts manifested into real life!

i hear ya. i'm pretty similar in the sense i would just spend loads of time thinking. my friends laugh at me cause usually i like to walk to think so i'd end up doing laps around my floor in the dorms. <br />
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i dunno about you but for me i thoroughly enjoy thinking. whether it be about something that just happened between me and my friends or about a strategy to a computer game or about some anime while putting myself in it or my main one which is about philosophy and my beliefs. thinking is a great escape and all in all a wonderful gift that we have. if we aren't happy with our reality we can retreat from it time to time into a world that we desire.<br />
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so embrace this gift and with it the logical mind that it allowed you to have. but with that gift, you can easily understand that other people aren't as logical and that it honestly takes them much greater effort to do the right thing whether it be to accomplish a simple task or deciding whether or not they they should get to know you. so give them a chance by taking an initiative or pay no heed to them if you think you would have a huge clash with them.